Advanced aluminosilicate materials with better performance

We produce new synthetic nanostructured aluminosilicates that have competitive advantages in functionality and cost. Current applications of interest include water and moisture sorbent, ammonia removal, detergent builder, antimicrobials and other specialty additives in consumer products.

Tanner Flake

CEO/Entrepreneurial Lead

Tanner is a chemical engineer from Mesa, Arizona with a passion for new technology. He recently obtained a master’s degree from Arizona State University, where he was introduced to Don and the company Leccel. As the CEO, Tanner’s focus is meeting customer needs with product capabilities and ultimately moving the company in a positive direction.


Don Seo


Don is a chemistry professor and is originally from Seoul, South Korea. With a PhD in solid state chemistry from NC State University, his research focus has been inorganic porous materials for various large-scale applications. As the CTO, Don is responsible for new product development and helping customers visualize product features.